Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hyderabad, hyderabad!!

In the late 80s/early 90s the weekends didnt exist for hyderabadis.

Saturday: A jaded government employee, harried housewife or delirious school kids would look forward to a hindi movie on Doordarshan on Saturday evening; the whole family bathed in the  glow of black and white TV sets.

Sunday:  Wake up late the next day, having Maggi or Dosa while watching Mowgli on The Jungle Book on DD-1 National and off to the next street for a healthy dose of gully cricket.

Mom is still busy in the kitchen preparing masala, Dad just arrived from mutton or chicken shop, kids come home with tired legs and a fire in the belly.  Afternoon nap.

Evening comes, get the rickety scooter ready.

Whole family to Tank Bund on Sunday evenings in a rather uncomfortable, but a reliable-looking Vespa or LML scooter.

Watch the serene face of Buddha as we comtemplate on how to through Monday to Friday......its the end of the night.


  1. Many concepts have changed drastically in front of our eyes. Doordarshan serials graduated from realistic middle-class ethos, struggles, and comedy, to stories about business houses, the super rich, and their family squabbles over money, property and prestige. Weekends graduated from time spent with family to time spent drinking and being at places that you would like to talk about on Monday back at work. Nice one, Sandeep.

  2. Lovely post! We used Sunday evening for the Telugu movies, with all the neighbors in our house( house full ).
    Nostalgic. Now no one come, all are glued to their sets, each in their own rooms:-)

  3. Vetrimagal I am glad this post was able to bring back good memories. Cheers.