Monday, May 28, 2012


Goa looks prettiest in the rain.

Common wisdom holds that the best time to travel in India is in summer or in winter.  For once you can bypass that wisdom and head off to Goa in monsoon where forests are brilliant emerald green, the seas are wild and the roads are empty.

Traveling to Goa in monsoon seems like a silly idea.  Why go to some touristy place in monsoon and stay in your lodge room while it is pouring outside. If you are the kind who avoids the rain like a plague then this is not the time or place for you. If however you are the explorer/adventurer type then Goa is heaven in this time of the year.

The idea is to ditch the beach and hit the woods.  The rolling hills, the thundering waterfalls and the milky white skies are the order of the day.  Make sure you have a very good pair of shoes, supply of medicines and very minimal luggage.  The perks that you get for coming in this unusual time of the year are many, like very cheap accommodation and very less tourists.  Taking a hike in the day and getting down with Feni and goan fish curry in the evening, sounds good doesn't it?.

On a final note, be sure that this destination in this time of the year is very unconventional and that you will have to forego the luxurious rays of sun.  The rewards that mother nature offers in this place will more than compensate the sunshine.

Goa Tourism Board offers a monsoon package that are very reasonable. Check this out.